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Liedewy Heetvelt

Liedewy Heetvelt artiste du bois

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Liedewy Heetvelt's furniture designs are unique: she not only designs each piece but she also creates them from start to finish.


Besides driftwood and cable rolls, Liedewy uses other materials such as scrap metal, wine barrels and tropical scrap wood.


She also makes use of new wood such as oak, chestnut, beach and lime.


Liedewy takes her time to produce each perfect piece. She reflects carefully on the design to find the right solutions by creating several models and by giving even the smallest detail her full attention.



Her skills in transforming concepts into the reality of a comfortable piece of furniture have been acquired by studying the work of other cabinet makers, talking to joiners, studying the literature and, of course, from all those years of experience as an "artiste du bois".


The finish of each piece is also part of her signature.


In so doing, Liedewy's designs become "pieces uniques".


Over the years, hundreds of international clients have appreciated her "Liedewy Heetvelt" designs.


Liedewy from time to time exhibits her work in the region and you can of course visit her workshop in Rustrel.


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